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紐約; 帕西帕尼; 東布朗士維克; 澤西城; 布魯克林; 法拉盛


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行程特色:  游覽斯克內克塔迪 (神秘洞), 尼亞加拉瀑布 (霧中少女號, 尼亞加拉瀑布深度游), 康寧 (康寧玻璃中心), 華盛頓 (林肯紀念堂, 波托馬克河巡航, 美國國會大廈, 白宮), 費城 (獨立大廳, 獨立鐘)。

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升級瀑布景區酒店 - 差價 2019-05-01 - 2019-10-31
4 出發: 查看地圖
 6:45am 13330 39th Ave - Flushing, NY - From 1/1/2019
 7:00am 13330 39th Ave - Flushing, NY - Ends in 12/31/2018
 7:00am 253 NJ-18 - East Brunswick, NJ - 4/1-10/31/2018 ex 5/26, 7/4 & Sat during 7/7 - 9/1
 7:00am 6102 8th Ave - Brooklyn, NY
 8:00am 75 Chrystie St - New York, NY
 8:15am 125 Eighteenth St - Jersey City, NJ
 8:45am 828 Us - 46 - Parsippany, NJ - 4/1-10/31/2018 ex 5/26, 7/4 & Sat during 7/7 - 9/1
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Great Trip. Our Tour Guide CECILIA And Driver Was very energetic and caring!
My parents came visit me from India. I was so glad that I brought them to this trip. It was amazing.The tour guide Cecilia was very professional. We had a lot of fun.





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    • 2018-10-14
    • 評論者: Anesh
    Great Trip. Our Tour Guide CECILIA And Driver Was very energetic and caring!
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-10-10
    • 評論者: Mike
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-10-09
    • 評論者: Ayaan
    My parents came visit me from India. I was so glad that I brought them to this trip. It was amazing.The tour guide Cecilia was very professional. We had a lot of fun.
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-10-05
    • 評論者: debajit
    Thas was the first trip I took with my wife and I must say it was amazing. Everything went very smooth. Accommodation was nice and tour guide simon was very nice and helpful. Highly recommended.
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-10-03
    • 評論者: Xiaodong
    I want to thank the tour guide Kitty Huang. She is so nice. She took good care of all tour members. I would recommend this tour to my friends.
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-09-25
    • 評論者: KARTHIK
    Rachel was a good tour guide and made sure to complete everything as per plan.
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-09-25
    • 評論者: Sneha
    Disclaimer - long post I just got back yesterday from this 3 day tour which i took with my father and i absolutely enjoyed it. First things first - The entire trip was planned very well and managed very well considering a group of people in this trip ranged from 8 years to 70 years. Hands down to our tour guide Rachel Xu, she did an incredible job in taking responsibility of everyone in the trip, making sure everyone is comfortable. Even though some guest gave her a tough time she kept her calm and yet conveyed the message. She was not biased towards anyone yet paid heed to everyones concern. Brownie points just for her. Accommodation - pretty decent for the price you pay so no complaints here. Itinerary - I enjoyed the first two days of the trip which was the Niagara falls pretty much. I wish we could have somehow included Cave of the Winds but overall it was well planned. DC and Philadelphia trip i didnt enjoy much specially the DC cruise - it was pointless and we didnt even get to see the liberty bell. Transportation - i was comfortable with the bus considering the price we paid but my concern was for the elderly people. I think the bus could be little more comfortable so that its easier for them to sit for so long. I read lot of reviews saying, ample time was not given or there was no stop for restrooms but i defer to say that i think ample time was given for sight seeing including taking pictures and enjoying the moment. Also frequent stops were there to use the restrooms. Overall i enjoyed the trip and would recommend this to everyone who wants to just enjoy the trip and for once not be worried about arranging things etc specially when traveling with parents. Also a word of advise, its a group trip so be ready to adjust with different people and the overall itinerary. You cannot expect a group guided tour to be the same way you take with your family and friends.
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-09-24
    • 評論者: Zonnia
    Li Di was our tour guide very pleasant , my family and I were really happy with her, well organize tour. 4 STARS for Li Di
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-09-19
    • 評論者: Jovilina
    我們的巴士之旅(9月17日-19日)非常棒,麗迪我們的導游非常好,她給了我們很多耐心的解釋,並盡她所有的努力確保所有的人都會喜歡,並得到所有的行程講解,nice tour
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-09-17
    • 評論者: Mahmud Jami
    Tour started nicely and was very fun and memorable make sure to pack water bottle because you will be thirsty from walking around, be courteous to other passengers and you will enjoy the tour as we did!
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-09-16
    • 評論者: Ritesh
    It was nice trip, but too much early wakeup for all Visit
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-09-14
    • 評論者: Sylvia
    It was a great tour. However tour guide should be trained how to use the microphone, our tour guide put it too closed to her mouth and it was hard to understand, also her English should improved, it was hard to understand her. The bus seats are too closed to each other we were not confortable. I liked the schedule and punctuality of the tour. The places we visited were very nice and we enjoyed all the locations.
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-09-10
    • 評論者: KAPEEL
    This tour is fantastic, Our tour guide Justin was very helpful & knowledgeable. Arrival/Departure Timings were perfect. We have almost covered all the places. Our Lady Driver was very much energetic & her driving was good. It was our first trip in USA & we have enjoyed a lot. Things need to do: Carry Water crate - 40 Bottles & Fruits & snacks.
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-09-08
    • 評論者: Neil
    One of the BEST Tour that I experienced...
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
    • 2018-09-05
    • 評論者: Madhu
    Best tour from NYC. Hotel stay was also great. Guide Kitty has good knowledge and very nice person. Overall she took care of the trip really well.
    這條評論對你有用嗎? 有用 沒用
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